Our journey towards becoming chemical free

Steam weeding, Chemical free

Toxins are slow killers, and not just killers of weeds.

Have you ever gone months or years with niggling health issues without thinking much of it? Well, that was us not too long ago. Weak immune system, chronic pain… night sweats. Today we find it hard to believe that this was something we just accepted. We thought we lived a healthy livestyle! We ate organic food, we had eliminated all toxic household items, we spent lots of time outdoors… We were ”healthy” but were soon to find out that this was far from the truth.

Not long after our first baby was born we visited a health professional who told us that our baby had serious digestive issues, and that we all had very high levels of toxins in our bodies! That was when we finally connected the dots and woke up to the danger we had been exposing ourselves to. After some research, we found out that these presumably ”safe” weed killers we were using everyday did not just kill weeds, in fact, they have been scientifically proven to be carcinogenic, toxic and hazardous to use.

This was when we knew we had to find an alternative. This was when we started taking steps towards becoming a more holistic and chemical free landscaping company. We believe in a sustainable future, and we are committed to drive this change and to lead the way. We are responsible, not just for our own health and the health of our team members, but also for the environment which we all rely on for everything. How could we continue to pollute that which supports all life on earth when there are alternatives to be discovered? It did not make any sense so in 2016 we invested in our very own steam weeder. This was a huge risk for us, as all major decisions are, but it was one we were willing to take. Looking back, we wish we had done it sooner.