Landscape Design and Installation

CMC can design you an outdoor lifestyle that compliments your property, increases its value and most importantly provides you a place to relax and unwind with friends and family.

Our design process is a collaboratively journey, which will ensure you are across the key details and specifications throughout the project. Our team of specialist gardeners ensure that installation will be a smooth process performed in a timely and professional manner.

We are happy to work with all types of budgets and project of all sizes. Whether you love gardening as a hobby, or want an architectural master piece, we will ensure you stay on budget and with 20 years’ of experience in the industry, we help you avoid the pitfalls at the design stage, before they become costly mistakes.

Maintenance Programs

It’s great to have an amazing garden, but we understand that life gets busy and keeping up with maintenance can be hard. We can design you an ongoing maintenance plan, to keep your investment looking great all year round, so you can spend your precious spare time enjoying your garden! We can come out weekly, monthly or on a seasonal basis depending on your needs.


If you have always dreamed about installing a pool that the whole family can enjoy, or maybe a lap pool to stay in shape, then we can make it a reality for you. CMC have a long standing partnership with a reputable pool installation company, meaning we can manage all aspects of your aquatic project from the installation to the surrounding landscape. Don’t put it off any longer, summer is never that far away!


Sustainable Gardening Education

We pride ourselves on striving to be a chemical free and find that many of the families we work with love to be educated on how they can create a sustainable garden. Our sustainability experts will be able to address any question you may have on how you can become more sustainable when it comes to your gardens and we can introduce you to a range chemical free products.